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Concert Reviews: Distant Worlds - Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Concert and the London Pop-Up Shop

At last! Three years after my first Distant Worlds concert (!!!), the tour finally returned to London. It was amazing. Just... oh, wow!

Alright, I can do this. I can turn incoherent fangirl squeeing into a thoughtful blog post...

I loved how this concert really celebrated the entire series for the 30th anniversary, blending graphics from original game up to the most recent (and if you follow me on Twitter, I think you all know how I feel about Final Fantasy XV ;)).

WHAT IS THIS GAME DOING TO ME?!?!?! XD — Cole Burke (@MissColeBurke) July 22, 2017
This year, the concert opened with the Prelude, a piece of music brimming with the promise of adventure, blending graphics from all fifteen of the games. We ended (pre-encore) with the Final Fantasy Main Theme. I adore that track. When you hear that at the end of a Final Fantasy game, you know you've really accomplished something.

It's hard to pick a highlight. I am a huge fan of V's Clash on …

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